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Kids Bully Proof Workshop | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

Adult Self Defense Workshop | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

"Our time with Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft has been a tremendously positive experience for both me and my children.  The focused and consistent instruction that Frank and Michelle bring to each class have changed nearly every aspect of our lives.  My children exercise greater self-discipline and focus at home and in school and their self-confidence both inside the dojo and out is something that every parent wishes to see in their child.  For me, the journey of studying Kempo for the last five years with my children has been a indescribable blessing both physically and personally.    I cannot help but feel proud knowing the foundation of inner strength, control, and confidence that my children possess as they prepare for college and beyond.  Thank you Annese!" 
Jonathan Brumfield
Shodan, Okinawan Kempo
Annese Martial Arts | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

Martial Arts, Fitness, and Fun for All Ages! Be Prepared for a Life Changing Transformation.

Are you interested in martial arts, self-defense, fitness, and having a blast? Then welcome to Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft. Our world-class martial arts programs are designed for men, women, and children of all ages, degrees of experience, and fitness levels. We boast a staff of highly trained, expert instructors who have a passion for helping each individual student succeed. If you, your child, or your entire family, would like to cultivate expertise in martial arts, learn a practical system of self-defense, get in amazing shape, and have fun doing it, we have classes for you! Say goodbye to your boring exercise routine and enter the world of dynamic, fast-paced, exciting martial arts!

A Whole New Way to Get Active

No one observes from the sidelines at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft. Our instructors make sure that every student, regardless of experience and athletic ability, learns quickly and effectively. Our classes for children, teens, and adults are high-energy, dynamic, and fun, from start to finish. With aerobic and anerobic elements, martial arts at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft is a total-body workout. Yet, the benefits don't end there. You'll also learn important skills such as a practical system of self-defense. You'll be empowered by your ability to protect yourself and your loved ones. Gain peace of mind knowing that your child can stand up to bullies and attackers. Our martial arts classes will leave you feeling powerful and strong. Each class here at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft features:

  • Physical Conditioning

  • Strength Training

  • Flexibility Exercises

  • Martial Arts

  • Self-Defense Training

  • Excitement!

Martial Arts is Here to Stay

Martial arts have been everywhere lately. This doesn't mean that they are a trendy new workout that will fade in popularity. Martial arts are ancient systems of combat practiced for self-defense, physical fitness, competition, and mental and spiritual development. At Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft we promote non-violence. But having these skills under your belt can enhance your safety if a situation arises. Martial arts have experienced such longevity, because they work!

A Transformation Inside and Out

Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft truly changes lives. Our instructors employ cutting-edge teaching methods to help you or your child develop physical, mental, and emotional health. Students hone traits such as perseverance, discipline, and confidence. Our classes affect all areas of your life, including your work, school, and personal life. Why not make it a family affair? Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft offers amazing workshops such as the Bully Proof, Kid Safe, and Adult Self-Defense Workshops. Or take part in our family-fun events, including Movie Night, Buddy Night, Parent's Night Out, Tournaments, Fun Challenges, Contests, and even Holiday Parties.

Our Instructors are Absolutely Stellar!

Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft has a tough selection process ensuring that all of our instructors are the best of the best. Our team members are highly trained, educated, and skilled martial artists. As experts in the field, they are able to teach students character building traits, martial arts, and self-defense skills safely and effectively. Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft is a member of the prestigious Black Belt Schools International. This means we are among the top most recognizable schools in the country. We stay on top of the latest techniques in training and teaching, the newest self-defense and martial arts developments, and advanced nutrition and exercise science. You won't find a better program anywhere else.

Act Now!

Our classes speak for themselves at Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft. We are so confident that we even offer a Free Trial Program. If you're looking to make positive changes in yourself, your child, or your family then look no further. Call Annese Martial Arts of Stuarts Draft today at 540-337-2525 . Ask one of our amazing team members about our Free Trail Program and start your journey towards physical, mental, and emotional health now!

Kids Karate Birthday Parties | Stuarts Draft | Virginia

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